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Today I will be sharing my experience at the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee.

Every year my family take a trip and so our original plan was to go the Essence Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana. But, we couldn’t pull it together to make that trip happen so, we decided to go to Memphis.

Honestly, I didn’t know too much about Memphis except the Grizzles Basketball Team, and home of BBQ, & Martin Luther King seen his last days there. Oh boy was I wrong!

I searched attractions to go to and I seen that Memphis has a lot of Museums I honestly was a little salty because the state of Nebraska need more museums especially a museum about Malcolm X. For God sakes this is where he was born here.

But I wrote down 10 attractions that may interest me let me share them with you.

10. National Civil Rights Museum

9. Graceland

8. Neely’s Interstate BBQ

7. Victorian Village

6. Beale St

5. BB Kings Blues Club

4. Riverboat

3.Catfish Cabin

2. Bass Pro Pyramid

1. Mississippi River Museum

Let me tell you we only covered about 6 and passed by many of them. Lol!

But, if I only had to go to one it would be the National Civil Rights Museum.

We got to go!!!! Yayyyyy!!!!

Before we got to go I was super excited to go to the Museum until I got there then, it started to get surreal to me that I was actually going to the place where Martin Luther King Jr spent his last days there. I was still excited because I was curious to go but my heart was pounding a mile a minute.

Here is the infamous Lorraine Motel Sign.






This is where I said oh my the emotions will officially start here.

We got there early thank God we did because when we left the line was super long.

It is a 3 Hour tour between 2 buildings and also 2 films all you. You set the pace for your tour. The admission for me was $15 I glad I paid that it was definitely worth more.

The first room you are not to take pictures of no reason given. But you can take pictures no flash. This tour is all about black history from slavery to the present.

The first room is a photo gallery from a photographer who took pictures during the civil rights movement. All pictures were taken in Mississippi and they were pictures of victims of the Ku Klux Klan bombings. They did not just bomb black churches or homes, Synagogues & Temple’s were also targeted as well.

Next room is the slavery room…

Feelings camp was starting to build to a boil.


This picture depicts how the slaves were transported on the slave ships from Africa to America. There is audio at this particular exhibit and you can hear chains, whips and screams from slaves getting whipped. I was so speechless and was looking to move away from this exhibit because my heart was slowly breaking.

Next, we have the picture slideshow that I took at throughout the museum. Enjoy!!!

The sanitation workers uniforms & Trucks

Sit In Lunch Counters

The Last Room Martin Luther King Lived in at Lorraine Hotel.

March ON Washington

Army Women’s Uniform

& Etc.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I have to say. I did learned a lot at this museum it was so well put together. I feel as if this was a calling from God that I needed to go to the National Civil Rights Museum because it reminded me of my why (the reason why) I am in the Beauty Industry. I always say that in order to look to the future you have to look to the past in order to show you the direction of your future.

Well, guys I am going to and this Blog here. Thank you for taking your time to read my blog. Stay tuned to Black Beauty Matters.